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We are committed to providing our clients with the best services that ensure safe storage of their items as well as safe shipping. Estuary Auctions is prepared to provide a detailed quote for your local and international shipping and professional packaging requirements on items purchased through our offline and online auction.

After you’ve won an item, you may choose to pick up your item in person, arrange your own choice of courier services or contacts us to assist in connecting you with some online shipping companies in the area.


Estuary Auctions will store buyer items up to 30 days after sale, after which a storage fee of 30 US dollars +VAT per item per day will apply. We will store any unsold Seller items for up to 14 days after which the item/items shall be returned to the Seller at the Seller’s sole cost and responsibility. Please contact us prior to the 14 days if you wish to reconsign your items or if you have inquiries regarding the unsold items. Kindly refer to our shipping and storage terms and conditions for further information on storage duration, collection information and fees.


If you wish to contact us regarding shipping or collection of your item, please email us at Estuary Auctions. You may also call us at +971 2 626 4666.

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