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Whether you are a government entity, property developer, retailer, estate owner, business entrepreneur or a private collector, Estuary Auctions will help manage auctioning your item. Our auctions are held publicly with extensive marketing at a national and an international level, or privately by personal invitation at your request and instruction. The services of investment, appraisal and advice are strictly confidential and can be arranged at our offices or in certain cases on your premises.


  • Establishing market trends for your items.
  • Valuing or appraising your items accurately.
  • Agreeing on a satisfactory reserve price.
  • Photographing and cataloging your items professionally
  • Dealing with offline or online buyers on your behalf with discretion.
  • Marketing to our targeted database of worldwide art and antique collectors, dealers, and investors.
  • Auctioning your property either live bidding or exclusive online auction.
  • Assisting with arranging professional packing and shipping.

How to sell with Estuary Auctions?

To sell with Estuary Auctions or online bidding portal, kindly begin by filling out an appraisals’ form. If your item is suitable for auction, our experts will provide you with an initial estimate. Once you are satisfied with the estimate, we will then request you to bring in your item for an in person evaluation. Our experts will then guide you through the steps of selling your item and your item will be ready for sale at our auction.

Request an Estimate

Let us know which items you would like to consign with us and their details

Consign your property

Bring in your item and allow our experts to evaluate in person for a final estimate

Sell at Auction

Market your item with us through our online and live auctions


Selling at auction – frequently asked questions​

Complementary valuations are provided here. Our team of professional specialists will utilize their expertise to assess, research and evaluate each of your items. However, all valuations are subject to the opinion of the designated expert in relation to the item’s market value and are not a true representation of the exact value of the item.

You must first request an estimate from our website. Once your item is approved for physical inspection, your must bring your item for physical inspection within 14 days of submitting, after which you’d have to resubmit your item once again.

Estuary Auctions charges a 15% fee of the value of the Hammer Price and an additional 5% VAT of that fee, effective December 12, 2023 onwards, to be paid by the Seller on each lot sold. Refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

Yes, Estuary Auctions provides private sale services. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further details.

If the bidding on your lot does not reach the reserve price, then your item will not sell in the auction. If this happens, our team will help you to decide what to do next.

You may choose to:

  • Take back your property
  • Offer your item for sale in another auction if our experts advise you to do so
  • Sell your item privately
You can access our past auction results through our past auctions calendar.

For technical difficulties, please contact us on +971 2 626 4666​.

For a list of our upcoming auctions with all of their information, please click here.

You are advised to fully insure your items prior to consignment. In the event that this is not the case, Estuary Auctions consigned items through a third-party insurer covering against loss or damage by Estuary Auction’s handling in which and if so then the Seller will be reimbursed the contractually agreed reasonable reserve price. In the case of shipped out item/s the Buyer is responsible for all costs of shipping and insurance. Please refer to our terms and conditions for further information.

The auction estimates based on photographs or initial conversation and evaluation are preliminary and may change upon further research and physical inspection of the items.

Our experts will guide you through this and provide you with the best advice on how and where to sell your items.

Estuary Auctions takes great care in researching and meticulously studying each item to provide its clients with the most accurate valuation and information. It would require 2-4 weeks for each evaluation for be completed, sometimes sooner depending on the nature of each item.